Our journey started with the question, what do we really want to do in our lives?! Not an easy one to answer and we had many and no answer at once, but for sure was – we want to broaden our horizon and there is no better way to do it than by travelling. Yet we wanted to be more than plain tourists, we longed to dive into new cultures and foreign lives, we needed to have a mission.

Coming both from a cultural background, Luises from the arts, Karolin from literature, we decided to throw our virtues together to produce travel stories.

Five years have passed since we first packed our suitcases. We visited uncountable places, met an endless amount of wonderful people and produced articles for several blogs and online media, published articles in different international print magazines as well as travel guides and hosted a radio show. We might not have come across the final answer to our initial question, but one thing is for sure: the journey will go on!

Karolin Langfeldt & Luise Müller-Hofstede


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